Baby On The Go

The nurse whom Millie now despises thanks to the 8 week jabs (sorry babe, only 4 weeks ’til the next lot), commented yesterday on our changing bag. She couldn’t believe that it wasn’t a regular handbag and refused to see how we fit everything that’s needed for any outing into what seems to be the smallest space in the world for baby crap. We’re pretty in love with the staple from Jem and Bea and you can check it out here. What’s great about it is that they’ve managed to create the coolest changing bags and I’d be happy to seen in public with all of them. Out goes the frumpy mum stereotype and in comes the kid about town *hurrah hurrah*. Dresslikeamum would be proud.

Whilst we’re at it, here’s what’s in our bag of wonders/the survival kit:


Minus my purse, which seems to take up half the room as I needed one to fit in my passport (don’t ask – fleeing the country phobia), we manage to stuff in comfortably all of this lot, plus a few extra chocolate bar wrappers, hairbands and the odd lippy too.

Head over to my Instagram account @emmaahirving to click on the items for stock lists, or a run down is listed below <3

The essentials – feeding & changing:

Muslin – Aden and Anais; Bottle – Tommee Tippee; Colief – Boots/Lloyds/Always ask your GP first; Bib – M&S; Nappies – Pampers; Nappy Sacks & Baby Wipes – Aldi. Breast Pads – Sainsbury’s; Nipple Cream – Lansinoh; Nappy Rash Ointment – Bepanthen.

Entertainment – for her:

Bunny – JellyCat/John Lewis; Rattle – The Little White Company; Shapes and Patterns Book – M&S; Keys – Our own. 

Entertainment – for me:

Not listed but very much needed – Phone & Charger, complete with all the favourite apps; Baked Fruit Snacks (Bear Claws are great for almost-fainting energy reboot; Credit Card – provider not relevant, neither is the current bank balance. Shopping is the best distraction and is next month’s problem.

Other Essentials:

Calpol & Berrocca – one is for you, the other for baby. Maybe don’t get them switched up like I did with Nipple Cream and Nappy Rash Ointment that one time.

£1 – NEVER FORGET. You’ll spend far too much time oggling the other parent’s trollies than over the contents of your basket of snacks. Achey arms – nah ah. 

Things for your face – Vaseline, Lippy, Hairbands & Clips; whatever makes you feel good, bung it in. 

Baby Record Book – Like the new Maternity Folder. Forget it for an appointment and you’re a horrific mother. Best carry it with you everywhere 🙁

Spare clothes for little one – F&F at Tesco and BHS (quick! grab them before they go!) do the best little leggings in the tiniest of sizes and at the tiniest of prices. Perfect for last minute poonami explosions. 

Now you’re all set, venture into the bright scary world! ..Just remember that no matter how prepared you feel with all the gear as you set off, that little poop monster in the pram has other ideas. #ohthejoys 




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