​5 reasons why your skinny baby should be nothing to worry about

​5 reasons why your skinny baby should be nothing to worry about

Everywhere I look, I see chubs. Mainly in the mirror, as that’s where I spend most of my time ogling over my 50 spare post pregnancy tyres but also on other 8 week olds, 3 month olds, 4 month olds (the list goes on..) and toddlers. In fact, it seems to be that every other baby I see is chubbing up…except my own. She’s a scrawny little squirrel and at first, it really worried me. At a GP check-up our family doctor commented on how she was “a skinny little thing” and so began the running around like a frantic headless chicken. I was a mother on a mission, desperate for her baby to put on weight. I was feeding and feeding, draining my poor boobs into submission and yet, she still stayed in her 0 month clothing. What was i doing wrong!?!! It turns out though, that our poor little possum has an intolerance and so requires a special formula and for me to go on a specific diet. Winning winning – she puts on weight and i start to lose it, right? Wrongo! Now she’s refusing bottle and holding out for booby. It’s like a western standoff between Bill “Booby” Winter and Frank “Flip Formula” Flippen and inevitably, Booby Winter ain’t the one with a naff shot. She’s slowly putting on weight though, even if it is a mere 30g a week. But nevertheless, we still have ourselves one scrawny skinny decaf venti lacto free babyccino and my 2 month old has the appetite of a two week old. I’ve slowly come to terms with this though and realised that actually, it’s ok. And here’s why it’s ok for you, too.
1.Your baby is happy.
Sure, she cries, but who doesn’t! Some days I can’t help but curl up on the sofa around my newborn and silently sob (and sometimes also not so silently, much to my other half’s horror). I’m yet to relieve myself from this hormonal babymoon and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Your bundle of joy is full of exactly that and he’s laughing, smiling and chatting away more and more each day. Your baby is happy, and knows it…and will soon be clapping their hands too. You are the reason they’re enjoying life, so keep it up Mumma.
2.She will not starve.
When she’s hungry, she’ll let you know. If i’ve learnt one thing about having a fussy baby, it’s that no matter how long this Booby vs Bottle stand off is going on, one of us will cave. Granted, it’s mostly me as I am the weaker of the two of us but there have been occasions when she’s grown tired of her wails and protests and eventually allows that bottle teat to fill her tummy. She hates me at first but after those initial 3 seconds of moaning, complete with bottle in mouth, expressing her disgust for me as a mother, she realises that actually life isn’t that bad and it’s a lot nicer when some warm milky is funneling down her throat. We went through the exact same protest but just reversed 3 weeks ago following her tongue tie snip and as tough as it is to see their little face scrunched and reddening, your baby will not go hungry and they’ll thank you for persevering. Good job Mummy.

3.Everyone is different.
Or maybe the same. Because according to my parents, I was exactly like this. Not only fussy, but stubborn too. Apparently I refused to eat anything until the age of 2 ½ except for cheese ham and gherkins (kudos to that weaning menu). Maybe this is payback for the tribulations I put my parents through as a little one then, as they do not seem like worried Grandparents at all and even sent me over a Whatsapp with my Baby Book growth chart as reassurance for my own baby’s skinniness. Sure enough, our charts are looking pretty on par; up, down and all around and look at me now – majorly chubby. Granted, i’ve just had a baby. But I certainly don’t struggle with putting on weight now. Her Tata (he’s polish) does however and no matter what crap he puts into his body, he stays the same slim chap. I am hand down envious of his cellulite free bottom and in a way, I hope she inherits this as well as his girly eyelashes.

4.This will not affect weaning.
Move over milky, the mush is in town! Imagine if all your fridge was stocked with, was orange juice. Amazing for a while, but then you need something the mop it up. Food is great. Yes, ok, so I only liked 3 foods at first but then I discovered smoked salmon and I became the most culinary cultured baby ever. His tastebuds will go wild and soon enough your milk will just be a refreshing chaser, so try not to let your baby’s skinny bod worry you about weaning too much. Chances are that your baby will remain thin even throughout weaning but that’s just their physique. Maybe your little one is going to be an athlete, or a gymnast or a ballerina. We just don’t know, but what we do know is that you’re feeding and they’re eating and if you’re still not convinced, go back to point number 2 🙂
5.You are not doing anything wrong.
I’m going to pull out all the cliches here because mothers do know best and you’re the best mummy in the world. Look at what you’ve achieved and on those really tough days just take a step back and look at what you created. You grew a baby (what!!?); you actually formed a little human inside your tummy and nobody knows that little human better than you do. She loves you and relies on you and you are what is best for your baby. However you’re feeding, whatever you’re feeding, you’re doing great and she’s just going through a little rough patch. Try not to worry too much because you’re doing the best you can and everything will be ok in the end. You’re the most amazing parent.


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