The best pouches to take on the go in Stage 1, for young babes taste buds and parent’s last minute snacks too.

The best pouches to take on the go in Stage 1, for young babes taste buds and parent’s last minute snacks too.

Those in my circle of close friends and family will often voice their disdain over my love for baby food.

Yes, that’s right – I like eating baby food.  

There was a time at University when it was all that I’d eat, and looking back it was probably because it felt easy on my yet to be diagnosed swollen Crohn’s tummy and easy to digest, until two best friends decided to call an intervention and put me through a strict weaning programme to get me off the stuff.  Ironic then, that I’m using my once beloved (not so)  secret snack of choice to wean my babe onto food. It has been the ultimate test for me and I’m happy to report that I’m still going strong. Not entirely sober, but at least I’m no where near stealing my child’s food. It has however, given me the helpful ability to taste test (legit taste testing I promise, no purposeful eating) for my extremely fussy daughter. Being parents of a young baby with a dairy allergy, we’ve had to feed our baby disgusting medicine and formulas, flavouring them with calorie rich sweetness such as Nesquik, Coconut water and Vanilla Essence. She won’t eat otherwise and this has lead to a problem in weight gain. We were afraid that she’d develop a dislike for food in general so finding sweet vegetables and fruits to entice her into the weaning stages has been essential. Luckily, there are plenty of fantastic UK brands out there that cater for the first weaning steps and when we’re not making our own puree in the brilliant Tommee Tippee blender and steamer, the fresh pouches are perfect for being out and about. They last for 48 hours once opened, are organic and are mess free. I love being able to have peace of mind using them, knowing that their contents are 100% fruit and veg, and absolutely nothing else.

With the help of Millie, here are our top 3:


A UK born and raised young brand featuring apple based flavours. Supporting NCT and giving 10% of profits back to the Food Education Foundation, they’re a loving company with a passion for bringing together food and friends. We LOVE them because they introduce babies to Mediterranean foods (although Millie is going to need a little convincing still..), and that is really important in our household. Sometimes the Apple can come across a little too strongly for baby but as it’s a key fruit that we want her to like in the future, we’re gradually easing into it. Thankfully, not all of Piccolo’s purees are Apple heavy on the taste, in particular their Banana, Blueberry and Apple – perfect for baby’s breakfast, pud and even on Mummy’s porridge as a healthy yet sweet alternative to sugar. 



London based with the saying “Food for babies, not baby food”. In a nutshell really.

The addition of Quinoa into the puree pouches has been a big hit for us, much to our surprise. Knowing that babe has a Gluten Free grain in her meals to increase her carb intake is key with any allergy present, particularly as Gluten could be a probelm area for us in the future. Top tip: quite adult flavours, so they’re better warmed up than straight from the pouch.

Also they do some really cute looking bibs to help tame the OCD crazed Mess Hating Monster in your head when that sweet potato starts flying everywhere *get it now*.


And finally, the ever brilliant Ella’s Kitchen!

Who doesn’t love Ella. This was our first weaning brand of choice for out and about (and also whilst our blender was being barricaded at the back of cupboard due to overflowing baby paraphernalia in front of it.)  We started with Sweet Potato Sweet Potato Sweet Potato and it was a hit. Then we graduated onto the green veggies (Peas Peas Peas) and then onto Bananas and Apples, which is hands down our favourite of all the banana baby food out there. It tastes exactly like Banana Bread and I’m not even afraid to say that it may make me relapse. IBD tip: If you’re in need of a quick sugar fix, have a few spoonfuls of this – avidly avoided fainting at the Zoo.



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