Why I Will Continue To Shop Like I’m Still Child Free

Why I Will Continue To Shop Like I’m Still Child Free

I think there’s a huge perception about parents.

“Dad Dancing”. “Mum Cut”. “Dad Beard”. “Mummy Tummy”.

Also my favourite, “You Dress Like A Mum Now”. Er..no i don’t. And I never will. But actually, what does that even mean?! I dress how I want and usually, it’s mostly based on how i’m feeling in myself day by day. Am I conscious about my yet to go doughy midriff? Am I feeling chilly? Slightly too hot? Do I want an attire that I can chuck off if the baby throws up on me? Definitely. But most importantly, I liked my style before I had a baby and so I’m not going to change it.

I will admit, that I have started to shop in places that I wouldn’t necessarily have a year ago. A majority of my Maternity Fashion came from good old ASOS and hands down I will be keeping those clothes for future babies/fat days/post Christmas breathing. I’ll be doing a Maternity Fashion Edit soon with my key pieces, so stay tuned for that, but a lot of my post-partum clothes came from M&S, & Other Stories, Whistles and smaller known brands. Maybe this is where the perception of “Dressing Like A Mum” came from – the instinctive need to venture into slightly more expensive and elegant clothing shops, to match the new found grown up elegant way of thinking. I will agree with that. I’ve certainly become a lot more forward thinking, calm and I no longer take excuses or bullsh*tting lightly. I’m no longer a TOPSHOPer, however, no one can take my shopping away from me and I’m not ashamed to mention that I will always continue to spend money like a reckless teenager with her first job’s paycheck. I’m more confident in my body than I thought i would be postpartum and for that, I’m proud of myself. My body has changed and I have accepted that and whilst I would still like to lose a few more lbs, I’m not giving in to cowering beneath baggy clothing anymore. I want my ripped jeans and high neck strappy tops back, and I’m going to get them.

I will however, continue to layer like the ultimate boss of layering, cos you know, Autumn.


ps. our beloved ASOS has 25% off at the moment 😉



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