The Essentials Edit: Part Babe

The Essentials Edit: Part Babe

A mum to be last week asked me where Millie’s clothes were from. She had no idea where to start looking for Newborn gros, vests and leggings and I had to agree with her when she used the word “mind boggling”. We were fortunate enough to be handed a few bags of hand me downs from friends and family, which saved us a lot of pennies, however I did find that the resistance to splurge on a few new nice bits and bobs was weak and consequently, my baby has not been in those bagged up clothes since birth.

“I mean, are they all so expensive?” For quality, yes. “Even the hats?” Not so much. “I just can’t bare to buy new clothes every three months!” You may get lucky and have a scrawny kiddo like us – Mil’s still in some 0-3 month. “What!??”

When i told her this i could see the coggs whiring in her mind as if she was concocting a way to simultaneously keep her baby super healthy and chubbs whilst still keeping her slim enough for newborn clothes. Regretfully, i had to break the bad news to her and explain that the two don’t go hand in hand.  There are, however, a few good retailers that make their 0-3 month clothes big enough to stretch into those fatter 3-6 month stages. Most of the Big 4 cater for this so if in doubt head on over to your supermarket’s clothing section and stock up. But by stock up I don’t mean a huge Supermarket Sweep style haul. In our experience there were only a few items that we used on rotation and so be sensible and think practically. For example, no newborn needs a pair of shoes. Socks often fall off, as do mitts, so contemplate full length sleepsuits for the first few weeks with built in mittens. Cardigans are a nightmare with floppy new heads too, but i couldn’t commit to no style at all and so MooMoo is always in one at some point during the day. A baby born in spring and summer won’t need thin strap vests under her long sleeve gro.  She will however need a few short sleeve vests for those rare sticky hot days – we opted for a cute cotton short sleeve romper from Gap for that moment. Also great for teaming with tights later on in the Autumnal season. On a non-clothing related note, especially if you’re considering bottle feeding, consider various other brands other than the UKs bestseller. One particular brand (as we found out nearly too late) ensures a closer to breast feel teat…that leaks. And allows air through it’s colic resistant air holes. And discolours in the dishwasher. The last point isn’t a biggie, it’s just aesthetic. Except it also causes the rims to melt a little and not join together again. All I’m saying is, shop around. But we’ll be doing a bottle edit soon, so stay tuned.

Here’s my run down of the ultimate checklist, for your new baby, to get you going for the first few weeks:

To Wear:

  • 68 cotton vests (sleeve length dependant on season)
  • 8-10 babygros
  • 6 pairs of socks (grippy bits not essential until the doorway bouncer stage at about 5/6 months)
  • 3-4 cardigans
  • 1 jumper (if you dare – cardigans are so much easier than fiddling with a floppy new head)
  • 2-3 cotton hats
  • 1 pramsuit (extra padded for winter babes)
  • 2 pair scratch mittens (although they fall off so we ended up using socks)



Observe, the freshly born baby, cone headed and 6 hours young, complete with sock mitts.


To Travel

  • 1 car seat suitable form birth
  • 1 buggy (complete with car seat adaptors if needed)
  • A form of sling for babywearing
  • Car seat raincover
  • 1 large muslin to go over the pram for shading from the sun

To Feed


  • Your boobies (any size will do)
  • At least 3 tubes of Lansinoh Cream for your nipnips
  • A breast pump (I used a manual Tommee Tippee pump and then the Medela Swing for less hand cramp) and a few bottles for storage/out and about feeding.
  • An endless supply of breast pads (Sainsbury’s do a great cheap box of 40)
  • 3 good nursing bras – 2 for day, one for night. ASOS have a great selection of Maternity & Nursing bras.

Bottle feeding:

  • Steriliser (not necessary with self sterilising bottles)
  • 6-8 bottles (4 up to 120ml, 2-4 up to 260ml)
  • Powder pots for ease during night and trip feeds
  • Descaler for use on sterilisers (cheap and cheerful version available at Boots)

In general:

  • 20 muslin squares
  • Feeding pillow
  • 4-6 soft towelling bibs
  • A bottle brush (keep this separate from your other washing up brushes)
  • 1 VERY large box of tissues
  • A snack selection for you with PLENTY of H2O

To Bathe 

  • A baby bath
  • 2 super soft baby sponges (we replace them every 3 weeks)
  • A calming relaxing baby bath soap for when she’s a little older
  • 2 super soft baby towels with hoods (rabbit ears not essential)
  • A strong back
  • A lifetime of snuggles

To Change

  • At least 5 packs of size 1 nappies
  • Cotton wool pads for wiping delicate bottoms (Superdrug are le cheapest)
  • 2-3 packs of unscented baby wipes for on the go and poonami explosions ending on the carpet
  • 1 changing mat
  • 1 changing bag, complete with fold up mat (I did a Changing bag edit a while back)
  • A HEFTY supply of nappy bags! (We got ours in 2000 packs from Ebay for next to nothing)

NB: A note about Nappies – Unless you’re willing to fork out and invest in some Nappy shares, have a look around online for promotions. Ocado regularly do a 50% off Baby Event and it’s worthwhile to stock up for a few months when this comes on by. We haven’t bought a pack for 2 months now, thanks to our haul earlier this year!

To Sleep

  • A Moses basket or crib with a new mattress that has been BSS certified. (A cot isn’t needed until the baby is between 3-5 months old)
  • A baby monitor
  • 2 cot sheets to fit your basket/crib
  • A sleeping bag (this revolutionised our lives after Millie kept kicking off her blanket
  • A corner pillow if you’re up to co-sleeping

**Make sure you stock up on some Vanish as baby sick & poo stains like a motherf***er and Fairy non bio will not save you**


The few main key pieces we had in Millie’s wardrobe in the first few months came from John Lewis, H&M Kids and M&S. All perfect pieces for tiny humans and great quality, which we know will last for a long time with future babies, however the Newborn collection from John Lewis was our favourite… (and they lasted until she was 5 months old!)


whitesleepsuits johnlewisnavybodysuits johnlewisbunnybodysuit johnlewisshortsleevebodysiuts


Essentials Edit:Part Mama Papa coming soon!


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