Why MAM are the only brand you need 

Why MAM are the only brand you need 

First time parenting is terrifying. 

I’m not referring to the actual parenting bit, but more so the product bit. Which brand do you go for? What products are necessary? Will this bouncer really help me in the long run? Why is everyone so obsessed with THAT pushchair? It’s endless. The market is awash, and so, we went with the UK’s leading brand when it came to bottles and steriliser and breast pumps. We did the research, we asked around, we shopped the best deals and the majority of parents concluded that the products really did have that closer to nature feel about them. Maybe it was just their opinions but several months down the line we realised what a mistake we’d made – the bottles leaked, the sterilizer was a limescale factory, the teats slipped out of our baby’s mouth and the anti colic valves didn’t seem to work. It made the transition from breast to bottle really difficult for me and having to break from our breastfeeding journey early and moving to bottle just felt heartless and as if I’d failed. It was a chore to feed my baby and it wasn’t until we ventured to The Baby and Toddler Show at Sandown Park that we discovered MAM and things seemed to turn around. Almost immediately, we decided that next time round we are using MAM’s bottles, dummies and teething aides only. Our baby has been able to drink without excessive reflux and wind, her latch is perfect and she is soothed immediately from the teething toys. The ones we use are water filled, meaning that we can pop them in the fridge for an hour or two in the morning and then upon using, they’re cool and soothing for her toothy pegs. They gave grips and grooves small enough for tiny hands that have only just established how to move in certain ways, meaning ultimate control; the colors are bright and exciting; the water filled gumballs parts are bumpy and interesting. Since using them she’s been more interested in chewing and more accurate with holding food and although we’re not trying baby led weaning just yet due to her dinky size, she’s enjoying holding the spoons and is (messily) feeding herself at 6 months. 

The teething toy comes absolutely everywhere!

The bottles are our absolute heros. MAM’s range of self sterilising bottles are ready in 3 minutes, meaning that our other leading brand steriliser if at the back of the cupboard gathering cobwebs. There’s also a great range of colors to choose from, as well as sizes. We can’t wait for Millie to move onto self holding bottles as her dexterity improves – oh so much easier when things need to be done at coincidentally the same time as feeding! 
You can check out the MAM range here

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