A Very Happy Homemade Holiday 🎄

A Very Happy Homemade Holiday 🎄

Aka, Brexit Baubles & Edible Treats

Part 1: Brexit Baubles

This Christmas we’ve been hit by a slight deflation (haven’t we all), ironically caused by some sort of inflation. So with endless branches on both sides of our wonky and barking mad family tree, we’ve decided to recreate the finds from NOTH and Etsy in our own kitchen.

The main idea came from wanting to make a large hamper for the deserving friends and family out there and as I started to total up the cost, I realised that it would be far more fun and heartfelt to make the contents ourselves. So this year, you can forget about designer handbags and MAC cosmetics, because you’re probably just going to end up with a big jar of chutney.

How we blitzed our #BrexitBaubles:

Annoyingly, these have taken rather longer than I was anticipating. I suppose the whole baby thing has put a bit of a delay on our timing but luckily I still have 5 baby-free days between now and Christmas (praise you, Babcia service) so EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL AND IT IS ALL OK **pants heavily in a mild panic**. They’re actually really simple to make and thanks to Hobbycraft, no kiln or pottery wheel is in sight. They’re come up with some Fab and heavy duty plain ceramic Baubles at a cracking price of 3 for ¬£2, and luckily their gold and silver permanent markers are much cheaper than Amazon or Ebay. I also picked up a mega cheap stamp set from Tiger so that my horrific calligraphy skills could be forgotten about, as well as some glitter pens for an added sparkle. In a way I wish Millie was old enough to join in with the making of them as it’s the best Christmas DIY project for little and big hands. You can just let your imagination run wild and the best part is, it’ll be a present that’s remembered every year… Until it falls off the tree, anyway.

Let me see your creations on Twitter and Instagram by using #brexitbaubles 😁🎄
Next week: Edible Treats



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