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A lot of 2016 will have been forgotten tonight *hurrah!* HOWEVER I’m striving to make sure that a few key pieces sneak their way into 2017.

These glitzy bitties were all found throughout the year and they mean so much to me that I can’t bare to leave them behind in a dusty box. 2017 is going to be an exciting year for the 3 of us and I want my top confidence boosters with me on the way.

*with thanks to the 3rd love of my life, Pinterest – I do own all these items but my photography is shockingly horrendous*

I bought my initial necklace soon after Millie was born. With an E on one side and an A on the other, I was never far from the two most important people in my life. There are cheaper alternatives available on the internet and if, like me, you’re looking to shop small, head on over to NOTH and have a peruse.

Most of my jewellery is from independent brands. Apart from my glasses (a severe necessity), watch and friendship bracelet (gifted to me by a very naughty bestie who has an addiction to Pandora), I try to salvage what i can from boutique sites and Instagram found wonders. The Silver Chrysocolla Ring is from Kerrie Davis Jewellery and I can;t get enough of her handmade jewellery. You can really tell that she puts hours, days, weeks into each piece and I love wearing items that hold a meaning. I love it so much infact that she’s kindly given all my readers 15% off all of her collection, just pop in the code mumma15 at checkout <3

Uh Oh – it’s back again…Hellloooo ASOS! Once more you’ll find me head first, jammed into the simplistic site’s sand, fishing for a mega deal on earrings, hair cuffs and stackers. I just find that it;s incredibly rare that they compromise on quality. A majority of their products are from small shops anyway and I love that they’re all there in one place for me to sniff around at.

I’ve only recently started wearing jewellery again over the past month of so. I never take the Initial necklace off, it’s a lifeline for me, but I decided to put on a ring at the end of October and I realised that I suddenly felt a tiny amount of beauty in myself again. No matter how young you are, becoming a Mother for the first time is draining and exhausting and honestly, the rare moments when I’ve felt beautiful over the past 8 months (Happy Birthday Mil for yesterday – woo!!) have been when I’ve found 5 minutes to put some make up on, or when A comes back from cycling covered head to toe in Mud and the first thing he does is smile at me as he walks through the door – or when i decided to wear more than one necklace, stack some rings and throw on some hoop earrings. It’s just little touches that make me feel human again, and wanted. It’s not easy growing a human, let alone growing one whilst battling autoimmune disease, but it’s so much easier than raising a human whilst you’re still wrestling with that pesky IBD. At least when Millie was in my tummy I still had time to make myself feel pretty in the mornings. But it;s what i signed up for, and I shouldn’t complain. I’m more loved than i ever have been in the eyes of my speed demon of a crawler. And if I want to double that feeling of love with a few shiny things? I’ll do it.


NB for all those of you who like me often lose your specs and can’t read size 4 font:

Top L-R: Lindsay Pearson Mini Double Sided Initial Necklace in Yellow Gold £128; The classic small hoop available at ASOS £6; Pandora Essence Collection, charms in Friendship and Loyalty £30-35; The Gold Watch available from Fifth Watches £125-250; Stacking rings available from ASOS starting at £8; Big gem rings available from Etsy; Hair Cuff available from New Look starting at £1; Tom Ford Tortoise Shell Specs from Specsavers £165; &OtherStories Gold Geometric Bracelet £12; Kerrie Davis Silver and Chrysocolla Ring prices vary, made to order.


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