8 things I will do differently in my second pregnancy 

1. Take measure to ensure I stay in tact.

That pesky perineum. During the last trimester whilst growing Millie, I was half a wreck fretting over the possibility of tearing in Labour. I had heard about perennial massage through a friend and much to Adam’s disgust I brought the topic up. Safe to say that his lack of assistance probably contributed to the 12 stitches I acquired post birth and I promised myself then and there that next time I would NOT let it happen again!! There is nothing worse than having the stinging of the local anesthetic needle prodding at your freshly wounded fanny and I don’t think my need for more gas and air than my baby’s actual crowning was unnecessary in any way. It bloody hurts. And so, I will be investing in some oil suitable for perineal massage and I WILL be performing the act at least 4 times a week from week 28 onwards. 

2. Make sure I don’t look like a waddling piece of coal. 

I wore black a lot last time (someone say slimming? ) and I also put on 3 1/2 stone. I’ve never struggled to lose flab more and it’s made the past 10 months my most unfit ever. Apart from that time when I was 15 and became a social recluse and ate my feelings. My bad. I’ve been on a super health mission since the beginning of January and have challenged myself to lose a certain amount of body fat before I hit the end of the 2nd Trimester. And before the Judgmental Mum Brigade starts pointing fingers, I am NOT dieting, I am HEALTHILY shedding unhelpful lbs in a safe and controlled manner that won’t affect the baby. If Paula Radcliffe can run a marathon at 6 months pregnant, then I can definitely dream. 

3. Become a Yogi. 

The year before I met Adam I was the strongest I’d ever been. I was also the slimmest and my legs were pretty great. The only exercise I really did (apart from the odd 7k run once a week, which involved frequent pit stops to “admire nature”) was Yoga. An hour a day of hard core stretching and OMMing and 20 minutes with the resistance band. I’m going to do it every day and my legs WILL be hot doctor worthy come D Day. 

4. Remember the bumpy times. 

I’ve already started to fail at this one. I didn’t get round to taking an 8 and 12 week bump shot and so the 16 week is the place to start! Although I’m 18 weeks tomorrow and I still only have 1 dungaree bump shot. Millie wasn’t snapped until 20 weeks and I’ve lost those pictures already. This time I will make sure I document this pregnancy for as long as possible and frame the best ones. ❤️

5.  Document delivery. 

We’re not talking about a GoPro up close, no way. But I seriously want to live tweet my Labour to let mums to be know what it’s really like. This inevitably won’t happen because a) hospital WiFi costs a bomb and b) I fear if my Labour is anything like last time I won’t be able to do anything except moan for 3 days. But I will be making sure we take regular videos to update and show our loved ones. Giving birth is such a beautiful moment and for me, I wish I’d had that reminder of Millie’s entrance to the world to cherish forever. Unless you’ve given birth before, you won’t understand how much your memory makes you forget as part of a healing process and I feel I missed out by not keeping note of that magic time. 

6. Feel relaxed. 

I think it helps that I’m not working this time. Most of the stress that contributed to my prenatal depression with Mil was brought on by my feeling of being inadequate at work and letting others down. I was going through a pretty tough time with my Crohn’s symptoms ramping up heavily from the second Trimester anyway and on top of that Adam was out of the country for the majority of my last 3 months of pregnancy. That won’t be an issue this time but I’m determined to remain calm and enjoy being pregnant. Through having “me time” even once a week when Millie’s Granny takes her for the day and making sure I wind down with some Yoga and peppermint tea before bed, I’m hoping that I can remain relaxed and this little chipmunk growing inside can too. 

7. Know my rights. 

Major one here. And I’m looking at you, TFL. I don’t mean Boris & Mr Khan but more specifically the passengers on board. I’ve lost count of the times that my Baby on Board badge was ignored on purpose by commuters – once I gave my seat up for another pregnant woman and as she was reluctant to take it I loudly stated “Here, you have my seat – you’re more pregnant than me”.  Yah. IKR. – or the times I was demanded to move on a bus for sitting in a seat which is for elderly only people. Which isn’t true. That sticker says preggo too thanks matey. Anyway I was at bursting point, 8 1/2 months along and I was utterly shocked at myself more than anyone for not standing my ground and refusing to move. I stood the rest of that journey and he didn’t even say thank you.   

I WILL be more assertive and I WILL feel comfortable wearing the badge and sitting wherever the hell I want to. 

8. Enjoy the experience. 

Maybe I’ll change that to “Get rid of the Paranoia”. 

I’m really proud to say that I’ve only complained about 5 times already so that’s a huge improvement on last time. And they’ve all been nausea and bladder related. But most importantly I’m going to allow myself to feel loved and wanted and incredible to be fortunate enough to grow another little human in my body. 


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