6 month pregnancy update

6 month pregnancy update

Get ready for the weight gain ramble (sorry, it was inevitable).

12 weeks to go, Tick tock ahhhhhhh.

I’ve started to compile a list of all the bits and bobs that are essential for the fourth trimester that I didn’t have to hand last time. Even with Adam waiting on me hand and foot, it was too much effort to keep track of breast pads and one time knickers and how to protect my fanny and nipple cream and that ever so essential table of snacks next to the corner of the sofa where I’ll be for the first 6 weeks of postpartum life. As Millie approaches 1 (on Sunday.. what!!) and is becoming increasingly more mobile (we’ve suddenly ticked off the stair climbing, walking, belly swimming & teeth milestones all within a week) I’m secretly hoping that A will take some holiday leave after his paternity finishes to give me a hand. Let’s be real here, she may be classed as a child through NHS guidelines as soon as she hits 12 months but 15 months is still very much a dependant toddling baby. I pray this little man in my pouch is as resilient and patient as can be because regrettably, I’m already sensing the massive second child syndrome taking effect. I’ve been doing what I can to make sure he’s as spoilt before birth as much as his older sister was and we now have a good selection of newborn clothing – which is totally fetch* – and have actually made an Amazon List this time for the lovely gifters in our lives, but I’m not quite 100% psyched up to be a Mama again. Maybe it’s all based around how much time I have to sit and think about pregnancy and wonder what’s going on inside my tummy. I seem to have a severe lack of contemplating time these days (hence this post being the 1st in 2 months) but I’m going to make sure I have a routine down for when he arrives that means I can equally split my time between the two of them and make sure everyone is happy. It’s going to be difficult as I know the Crohn’s will inevitably flare after birth and for a few months after still but I am hopeful that I can be the best mum I can be and keep my squirrels entertained.

I was shocked to learn at my latest Gastro appointment this week how much I weigh. A whopping 77kg (with shoes – like that makes a difference but give me this one). I was 78kg when Millie was at 32 weeks gestation. I’m pretty sure I’ll put on more than 1kg in the next 4 1/2 weeks but as long as I can keep making the healthy choices until our Prince is born, I’m trying not to overthink weight gain this time. I put on a lot of weight during the 3rd trimester with Mil. Before I fell pregnant back in 2015 I weighed about 61kg. By the end of the 2nd trimester I was 68 and I have no clue what the end total was but I remember a week after giving birth I had gone back down to 72kg so breastfeeding did do a lot for me in terms of toning up. I then only managed to lose a further 4kg within the space of 6 months which I remember being really disappointed at as I spent a lot of my evenings at the gym doing some pretty hardcore swims and cardio. So starting this pregnancy 6kg heavier than last time does provide me with some answers as to why I am the weight that I am now at only 27 weeks but I’m determined not to let that become an excuse for piling on the lbs. Mainly, I’ll admit, due to the fear of being overweight in the summer months and heaving around a child under my shirt. I cannot think of anything more torturous. Whilst I am the weight that I am though, the distribution of it does seem to be mainly around my tummy and boobies, which is very different from last time. I’ve experienced a lot more swelling this time, which keeps coming and going so maybe that’s another reason why I’ve gained 8kg this pregnancy so far but why I’m still fitting into clothes that fit me up til the mid way point of Millie’s second trimester. Regardless, we’re eating healthily and I’m not over snacking and I’ve recently got back into light cardio and yoga so I’m doing the right things for baby and I’m just going to try and relax for the remaining 3 months – something, that I was unable to do with Millie.

I need to make sure I make time for blogging for rest of this pregnancy. Maybe set some alarms to get some drafts going every evening? It’s amazing how therapeutic it can be to share with strangers and I was to thank you all for taking the time to read, comment and follow me on here and over on my Instagram. The support is unbelievable and it’s so reassuring having that like minded community encouraging your doubts and just sending positive thoughts daily.

I’ll be back soon,

Emma xoxo
*fetch is going to happen


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