The Blogging Break Is Over

The Blogging Break Is Over

Hi Y’all.

In the space between my last post and now, so much has happened that I’ve had to jot some pointers down to refresh my memory. Sweet Emilia turned 1 (!!!!) at the end of April, May saw my 24th Birthday and the shock news that our yet to be born Rafi was cruising that 98th percentile, June brought about the most gorgeous baby shower and a bucket load of Crohn’s flares and July saw the birth of our handsome little man, Rafal Synto (Birth Story to come soon). Amongst all this I was learning the true meaning of a difficult and unpleasant pregnancy,from horrific SPD and swelling, to premature labour as our baby decided to come early, TWICE; once at 30 weeks gestation, then again at 32. We were so fortunate to have family by our side to look after Mimi for a few weeks while I was on bed rest, and the amazing team of doctors and midwives who put a stop to our baby’s shenanigans with a little help from some equally amazing drugs. I will never forget that surreal feeling of being taken to Labour Ward so early on in that 3rd Trimester ready to have our second born, only to be wheeled back out the next day empty handed and with baby safely tucked back in to his womby nest. The fears of losing our child were peaking and it was an incredibly tough few weeks, as memories of our miscarriage came flooding back. I am so thankful now then, to look back forward into this little man’s bright life ahead and begin to put that moment behind me.

On a happier note, I’m now 6 weeks Postpartum and feeling a lot more like myself again, ready to give my blog a makeover and dedicate my (very lacking) free time to it again. Bare with me whilst it chops and changes and looks a bit like it’s under construction still, but i hope nonetheless that my posts are still enjoyable and as always an email saying hi is always appreciated and much loved!

Stay tuned,

Emma xoxo


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