Ecover: A Little Change Going A Long Way

Ecover: A Little Change Going A Long Way

This month, I’ve been putting Ecover’s Lavender & Sandlewood Non Bio detergent to the test. Find out how we got on below and why this brand is one to consider.

I used to love doing laundry. Pulling out clean sheets and clothes from the washer and hanging them to dry made me feel productive and ontop of a busy day, and there is nothing better than sliding into a freshly made bed!

I used to love doing laundry. Until I had kids.

The washing machine is on at least twice a day, sometimes three times. We bought a new iron and ironing board last year and 15 months later neither have been unwrapped. With a 17 month old, a 2 month old and Adam’s cycling kit (there’s a lot of that) as well as my own clothes, we’re looking at a lot of items and several wash cycles dedicated for different fabrics; most of the clothes are heavily soiled and often need a gentle scrub first. It can be frustrating too when I don’t have enough items for one load and have to mix fabrics (such as cycling lycra with soft baby cotton gros), knowing that the baby items will suffer and dry stiff from the absence of fabric conditioner. That samey clean scent of usual washing gel is nice… but sometimes wouldn’t it be a little more homely if that freshly washed smell was something a little less chemical and slightly more natural? That’s why when Ecover asked if i’d like to try their new Lavender and Sandelwood concentrated detergent I jumped on board! The bottle advertises toughness on stains, kind to skin (both Emilia and myself suffer from sensitivity) and smells great. Could this be the answer to my washing dilemma? We’ve been using Ecover’s dishwasher tablets for a while now. The water in our area is hard and I was worried they wouldn’t be as effective as the leading brand, full of chemicals designed to perform at an exceptional cleaning level. But we’ve been so impressed by the power of Ecover so far and a washing detergent sounded great!

For three weeks, I’ve been using Ecover’s Non Bio detergent in Lavender & Sandlewood instead of Fairy’s Non Bio washing detergent and I have been surprised with the results. For some reason I’ve always presumed that a plant based product isn’t as effective as one laden with chemicals; how should a bottle full of leafy juices be able to combat dried on Bolognese and smears of sticky jam? I would usually use a scrub on items with dried on food, such as Vanish Oxyaction, but with this test I went without, to really see the true results.

Test 1: The Battle of the Bolognese

It’s the usual story – toddlers always seem to be dressed in an impeccably clean outfit when pasta is on the menu. I’m not sure where most of the bowl ends up – down her front or on the floor. Either way, it’s a pain to clean up and I often need to scrub Vanish on the items before they’re thrown in the wash.

Verdict: considering that I didn’t use a prewash, the gro came away safely from the tomato attack. This could save me 20p per wash*.

Test 2: The Fabric Mix

I’m not allowed to ruin the sports lycra with a fabric conditioner, so any items unlucky enough to accompany the kit to complete a full load often dry starchy and rough. They also don’t smell great. Of the 6 mix fabric loads I ran over the 21 day test period, all dried smelling the same and feeling softer. This could be a reason to ditch the fabric conditioner all together.

Test 3: Skin

The fact that Ecover advertise this detergent as being sensitive to even the most delicate skin gave me hope. It had taken a few attempts to find one that suits all of us and our needs but Ecover hadn’t been used in that trial period last year.

Unfortunately each wash with Ecover brought my daughter up in hives and myself with intense itching. Adam mentioned (unprompted) that his socks and lycra didn’t feel right and that he was itchy after they had been washed, and so for that reason alone it isn’t the detergent for us. Ecover do have a ZERO range though, scent free and even more kind to skin but for me it isn’t worth the risk and money to try another type from the same brand that causes this kind of reaction.

Overall, I am impressed with Ecover and they’re new detergent. The stain removing power is better than I expected and the scent is extremely welcoming and makes laundry that little bit easier. Any way we can help the environment by ditching chemicals one product at a time is a necessity in today’s world and so I would definitely recommend this detergent to a friend. However, for us we will be sticking to the one we use currently – it’s more comfortable on our skin and price wise is more appealing.

*price calculated from the divided amount used from a tub of Vanish for one item of clothing.

This post is an entry for BritMums #EcoverLaundry challenge, sponsored by Ecover


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