Why I Blog

Between the seemingly endless night IMG-20160516-WA0022(and day) feeds of my newborn daughter and the realisation that my once tuned in brain was turning to mush, I decided to write a blog. More importantly I wanted to write about the thrills of motherhood vs that constant battle with an autoimmune disease, both of which drain an energy source faster than my Mother in Law could drain a bottle of red wine. Hopefully these posts might provide an insight and some awareness into Crohn’s Disease for those who don’t know much about it, as well as possibly supporting those who know it a little too well.

I found pregnancy tough, but that’s not to say that motherhood is the same. I’m loving every second and whilst that’s mostly down to the best supporting other half in the world and our already hilarious newborn, I also put it down to being able to see the funny side of living with a chronic condition that sees me using the word ‘poop’ more than the emoji is used worldwide on a daily basis.

Feel free to pop me an email with any questions/thoughts/and suggestions at crohnicmummablog@gmail.com. Welcome and enjoy! xo